with Nora Buschmann, José Vitores,
Adriana Balboa, René Toriello



The project was established from 1997 to 2002. The four guitarists living in Berlin presented a concert programme in which the musical variety of the Latin American continent is expressed in a lively way. The programme includet own compositions and arrangements in a spectrum ranging from classical Latin American music, pieces from the Andes, Christmas carrols, Brazilian music and Argentinian Tango to contemporary music.

Adriano Balboa, born in Montevideo (Uruguay) finished her guitar education at the local music school. She came to Germany as a scholar of the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) in 1994 and finished her studies at the "Hanns Eisler" Academy Berlin in 1994. Since then she has been working as a guitar lecturer in Berlin. In addition to working with the guitar quartet, she gives solo concerts in various countries and also performs at international festivals.

René Toriello, born in Guatemala, works as a guitarist, bass player and percussionist with many groups of different musical styles as well as performing solo. In the field of chamber music, he is active in projects focussing on 20th century Latin American composers. Furthermore, he develops flamenco, jazz and world music projects. Plus radio and TV studio recordings. He is a lecturer at the music school of Berlin Tempelhof.

José Vitores, born in Guayaquil (Ecuador), studied guitar at the local Conservatorio National de Música. He has participated in master classes in Equador and Europe. Autodidactic composer of pieces for orchestra, guitar, chamber music, stage and film music. His work is published by "Neue Musik" editions, Berlin. He is teaching at various music schools in Berlin. He has been living in Berlin as a freelance composer since 1986.

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