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In july 2000 they had a first appearance together at Kaffee Burger...

classical guitar meets cult author the press said:

Tagesspiegel 5.7.2000
Reading at Kaffee Burger

Crash-Test - With Peter Wawerzinek and Nora Buschmann

Berlin - Mitte, far out: Nostalgic wallpapers gleam, subdued lighting in golden ochre. Before Peter Wawerzinek and Nora Buschmann go on Kaffee Burger's carpet-covered stage, the "Effektivkollektiv Silberstein/Wawerzinek" are offering a frugal garlic soup. At half past ten the doors are closed, the curtain drawn - just like every Monday, because the reading and cooking collective are regulars here. Today, under the rotating colour of a disco ball, cult author Peter Wawerzinek reads verses of Matthias Baader Holst. Wawerzinek is riding a chair backwards - he intonates empathic singsong - sounds like Blixa Bargeld - rattling word cascade. Baader Holst died in a traffic accident ten years ago at the age of 28. Before his death he wrote: " Those who live too long quickly lose themselves." Like this a person is writing who slips off life like slipping off a window-pane. Somebody, who rebels, but is pausing again and again, becoming more and more quiet, striking from the ultimate consequence: " listening around the abyss with faint denial." Breathlessly Peter Wawerzinek follows Bader Holst's feeling his way to a verbal clothing for lost meaning. Wawerzinek shouts obstinately: "I am not going to set out on deportation." In between and close by Nora Buschmann fervently plays her guitar. Like flickering kisses her thumb strikes the strings, while her left hand is summarizing this unfinished lifestory.
Finally Peter Wawerzinek improvises on the piano. Fragments of every day life - sounding confessions. No applause. Just another Monday evening.

Text: Jan-Arne Sohns

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